Online bingo is an interesting game played among players through an online casino. This game mimics the type played in land-based casinos and also social settings. Sometimes, this game is played in popular national events in some countries. However, the online version gives you the opportunity to play the game without having to drive long distances to a physical location. All you need to do is access the website from your phone and start playing. If you regularly play bingo, you will find online bingo easy to adapt to. You can visit to learn more about online casinos and online games.

Choosing an online casino and playing online bingo.

To play online bingo, you must first register at an online casino where you will be able to start playing the game. However, you must make sure that this online casino meets certain requirements before it can be eligible for selection. The first is that the online casino must be officially licensed by a recognized gaming authority. This will ensure that you are playing on a legal website. Also, make sure to confirm that the online casino has an effective customer support team to help with technical issues. Below are some of the online casinos that meet these requirements:

  2. Crown Bingo
  3. Bingo Spirit

After selecting an online casino and funding your account, you will find several bingo rooms to join and play. In online bingo, the games are sectioned into different bingo rooms. These rooms have a public chat feature that allows the players to interact with themselves. The rooms are also built to contain different variants of bingo. However, the important details for the bingo room is shown on the thumbnail of each room. If the room offers a progressive jackpot bingo, you will see the current jackpot on the thumbnail. Also, you get to see the price of tickets and the number of tickets that have been bought

Variants of bingo and strategies

There are several online bingo variants however, you are likely to come across just a few when you newly start playing. Depending on the online casino, there is likely to be little variations to the rules. The first common type is the 75 Ball Bingo. In this variant, the ticket has a grid of 25 squares (5 rows and 5 columns). However, the square in the center is left blank and is considered marked from the beginning. For this variant, you can win five prizes. A player can win when he gets a full house, horizontal line, diagonal, or vertical. Other types of online bingo include:

  • 90 Ball Bingo.
  • 50-ball
  • 30-ball

As for the 90 Ball Bingo, it involves the use of 9x3 tickets which contains three horizontal lines and prizes are only awarded on horizontal lines. Online bingo is completely dependent on chance. However, by taking little steps, you can improve your chance of winning. The first is that you should pick a room with a lesser number of players. With this, you have a better chance of winning at least a price. Unlike, in a crowded room where you compete with more players. Also, you should buy more tickets, instead of playing with just one and lastly, play within your means.